When Instagram feed shows everyday extinction

Photographer Sean Gallagher has set up a new Instagram feed called Everyday Extinction. Featuring work from 25 wildlife photographers, photojournalists and scientists, the project aims to highlight species extinction and celebrate biodiversity

🏮 Warning: this gallery contains some graphic images 🏮


1° Image by @sebastiandido.

‘The skull of a brown capuchin monkey from the Boyaca region of Colombia. Historically this species was found across the forests on the slopes of the eastern Andes and the Orinoco region of the country. Nowadays, deforestation due to agriculture and cattle is reducing the populations specially in the Orinoco. This species is also a victim of illegal trafficking and used in the pet trade and local medical research.’



3° Image by Jasper Doest@jasperdoest.

‘A white stork waiting for food that will be arriving shortly after sunrise at this landfill in Portugal. White storks traditionally make an epic annual migration from Europe to west Africa, flying thousands of kilometres to find seasonal food. But the prospect of an easy meal much closer to home is starting to replace the long-distance pilgrimage. Vast landfills in southern Europe and north Africa are too tempting to pass up.’










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