How the once wide roaming Tiger became endangered ?

The iconic black and orange stripes of the world’s largest cat species have become so imprinted on our imaginations, that their beautiful pattern has been used to sell gas, cereal, and to represent strength, speed, and “our wild side”. The tiger is one of the world’s only striped animal species. Variations in stripe colors range […]

When Instagram feed shows everyday extinction

Photographer Sean Gallagher has set up a new Instagram feed called Everyday Extinction. Featuring work from 25 wildlife photographers, photojournalists and scientists, the project aims to highlight species extinction and celebrate biodiversity 🏮 Warning: this gallery contains some graphic images 🏮   1° Image by @sebastiandido. ‘The skull of a brown capuchin monkey from the Boyaca region of Colombia. Historically this […]

5 major threats to Rhinos

rhino threats endangered support

Most people around the world don’t realize how endangered rhinos are. A rising demand in East Asia for their horns, which are valued for medicinal purposes, has led to a corresponding spike in poaching. Experts say that the horns serve no medicinal purpose, but that has not stopped the demand for rhino horn.  We estimates that […]

10 amazing facts you didn’t know about Lions

Probably the most sought after member of Africa’s Big Five animals, lions are one of most recognizable animals around. Their trademark manes and resounding roars attract travelers from all over the world, though these social cats often receive little benefit.  Despite their popularity and fame, these cats are facing major threats to their existence; conservation […]